Over the past few years, technology has advanced significantly. This has brought about the tablet, which is convenient, very transportable and surprisingly affordable. Although these devices have been enhanced in a few years’ time, they’ll likely transform dramatically in the upcoming years. The future remains to be seen, but the consumer will likely be in for a major surprise, once the revolution occurs. Below, you will find some potential advancements and enhancements, which might be made.

Multi-Tasking Windows

One of the biggest setbacks associated with tablets is their inability to display two windows, at once. Although some have tried, this almost always presents a performance problem, due to lack of resources. In the future, it is almost certain that this puzzle will be solved. Once developers have found out how to successfully design their tablets to run two windows, at once, the consumer will be able to benefit tremendously! Their productivity will improve, thanks to the small change.


A recently conducted study suggested that the most sold tablets are actually those that are smaller! Consumers have been scooping up 8-inch tablets, by the truckloads, while the sales of bigger tablets have started to dissipate. In the future, over half of the tablets on the market will be under the 8-inch mark. Although they might be getting smaller, they’re also improving in performance.


Again, the future is uncertain and developers could very well unleash a surprise on consumers. Until then, you can only rely on the information that is available to you. Thus far, this information insists that the future beholds smaller tablets, which are capable of opening two windows, at once. Will you be buying one? Click here for the best tablet deals.

As more and more consumers cut the cords on their subscription cable, many are searching for alternative ways to fulfill their entertainment desires. Those that do not have smart televisions are purchasing Android TV boxes for their homes from such sites like androidtvboxuk.co.uk. With these boxes, it is possible to stream video directly to their television. With the right television box, cable television is simple unneeded. Below, you will discover the different ways that these boxes can be controlled.

Mouse or Keyboardandroid tv boxes

Surprisingly, these boxes are very similar to small computers. Thus, they can be controlled in a similar manner to the bigger counterpart. If you own any of the components below, you will effortlessly be able to use them to control your Android television box.

  • Wired or Wireless Mouse
  • Wired or Wireless Keyboard

Whenever you take control of the box in this manner, you will be able to maintain familiarity. This will ensure that using the box and accessing the various options is effortless, quick and easy!

Included Remote

Although this addition may increase the price by a tiny bit, it is entirely possible to purchase Android TV boxes, which include their very own remote control. This device will work right out of the box, which provides the consumer with tremendous convenience. All of the buttons should be distinguishable and you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out which button does what.

Cell Phone

There are many individuals that cannot put down their cell phones. This is a wonderful characteristic for someone, who owns an Android television box. This is the case, because it is possible to sync the two devices together and control the television box directly from your smart phone. Again, this will give you a bit of familiarity, which ensures you’ll figure out the controls, without reading instructions.


At the end of the day, each option is acceptable and each may be possible with certain boxes. Be sure to know the specifics, before making your decision!

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is a great city. With a urban population of over 1.1 million and metro population of around 2 million it is the largest city in Ireland. We have been here a few times and we always have a good time. It is a young city with a number of large Universities including UCD, DCU and DIT to name a few. It is also a popular location of stag and hen parties as many descend upon Temple Bar most weekends from the UK and other parts of Ireland.

We try not to spend too much time in Temple bar as it is a traditional tourist trap but it is worth seeing and is like a mini Ireland inside Ireland in the sense that it has traditional Irish music and Irish dancing. There are many things to see in Dublin and you can even do the viking tour as Dublin was founded by the vikings remember! There is also the Guinness brewery storehouse and the famous Kilmainham Gaol which you can tour. The most famous thing about Dublin however is the famous nightlife. We didn’t do much tourist stuff as much as drinking this weekend but we did get some cool pics with my selfie stick. I am going to upload them to my selfie stick Dublin folder and will link it later on when I get a chance. I bring my selfie stick on all my travels!

Dublin is near unbeatable for nightlife. Although places like Berlin and London have super clubs which are great Dublin just has a different feel. Because the city is not a huge as other capital cities there is a better atmosphere and different areas of the city have strips of bars and night clubs. Dublin is big enough that you have a good selection of bars but small enough that you can pretty much walk across the city centre in 30 minutes.

I am hoping some of my readers can help us out here today as I am having trouble with a new product I purchased last week. I bought an mx android tv box last week and it came yesterday evening so I have been trying to get to trips with the box. To be honest it is pretty easy to setup, it was basically just a matter of plugging it in and then it was ready to use which is great.

For those of you who are good with technology the spec on my mx android tv box is 1GB RAM and it has a quad core processor. As far as I can tell these are pretty go specs as I see there are dual core processor versions but I have heard that these have problems over heating. The tv box itself is pretty quick and doesn’t seem to freeze up much so everything seems ok on that front.

I am having trouble trying to mirror my android phone to the TV however and am finding this quite difficult and I couldn’t see anything online about if it is possible or not. I did download a remote control app for my phone as the remote control for the android box is fine but a bit frustrating to use whereas the app on my phone has a keyboard function which makes it quicker to type and search things. My housemate can mirror his phone to the Apple TV without any problems so I wonder if it is even possible for androids to do this? This would be a cool function and something that would definitely make me use the TV box more. So if any of you reading this know much abut this stuff you might pitch in. Thanks.

The Tefal Actifry Fryer since its debut into the market has proven to be revolutionary kitchen equipment. Most people who have had the chance to use it have all openly admitted that it has completely redefined the manner in which frying is done with its most notable feature being the fact that: it uses very little oil.

To help you familiarize yourself better with this revolutionary fryer, below is an overview of some of the key features which it comes with. They include:

i. A measuring Spoon
The fryer comes with a handy measuring spoon which serves to help make sure that when frying, you only use the healthiest/least amount of cooking oil to prepare whatever it is that you are frying. The measuring spoon is two ended with one end meant to serve as a table spoon while the other end is meant to serve as a teaspoon. Collectively, these two ends are meant to help make sure that you always use the right balance of cooking oil when using the fryer since this is the only way through which you will be able to truly bring out the true taste of the food you are frying.

ii. Timer
The fryer is fitted with timer to help rule out the possibility of you ever overcooking your food. The best thing about the timer is the fact that it is audible meaning it will always beep to alert you when the time preset to fry food is up. Take note, the fryer does not turn off when the alarm goes off instead it continues to cook the food. Just so you know the alarm will not go off not until you tend to it.

iii. One touch cooking
The fryer is characteristic of a simple design which makes it very easy to use. All that it requires is that once the food is in the pan, all you need to do is simply to turn it on and the device will automatically come to life. Once you are ready to fry your food, all that you need to do is to simply turn it on and then preset the frying time and then wait for the delicious results.

iv. See through plastic lid
The fryer is characteristic of a clear plastic lid which easily comes off in a simple click in case you need to wash the fryer. The see through lid serves as a guarantee to keep a closer eye on the food as it cooks.

v. Audible Alarm alerts
The fryer’s timer produces an endless beeping sound when the preset cooking time is up. The alarm is loud enough to be heard out of the room.

vi. Machine Washable Components
Washable parts are very important features for modern kitchen ware and the Tefal Actifry Fryer manufacturers made sure of this. For instance, the non stick fry pan is easily washed by hand or can simply be cleaned by being placed in the dishwasher. The same applies to the plastic lid, the fryer’s rotating paddle and most importantly the filter.

vii. Detachable Cooking Tray
The fry pan is designed to be easily removable. This makes it very easy to safely handle hot food. This coupled with the heat proof handle by the side of the device makes it very easy to serve straight into the plate. Take note, the heat proof handle doesn’t get hot when the fryer is being used hence can be handle even without wearing a glove. In spite of this, it is strongly advised that you always watch out for the pan since it is usually super hot when first removed.

Cooking Guide
In addition to the above you should check out http://tefalactifryshop.co.uk/ for tefal actifry best prices. Just like any other new kitchen appliance, the Tefal Actifry Fryer comes with a rather useful cookbook which serves to provide details about different cooking times for different family favorites with emphasis on how much oil is required for particular meals. What’s more, the cooking guide also provides a range of recipes and a range of interesting cooking ideas to try out.

We were approached by a father and son in order to create a small e-commerce site based around selling selfie sticks. This was an exciting opportunity for us as we love working on small e-commerce stores like this and thought it was a really cool and original idea to setup this store. The store consisted of  8 standard pages and was developed with an original batch of 12 products. All these products were selfie stick related and we used wordpress in order to allow our clients to easily update their selfie stick stock and also add new products without having to ask us every few weeks.

Selfie sticks seem to be getting more and more popular so we wish all the best to Tom and Roger with their new business venture and we are nothing but sure that it will be a huge success :). For anyone who is interested they sell a range of selfie sticks including bluetooth clear headed selfie sticks and even selfie sticks for your Gopro so it is definitely worth checking our their site if you are a bit of a adrenaline junkie or even just love taking selfies.