In all honesty, the issue of credit rating has been a thorn in the flesh of thousands of UK citizens seeking to get access to credit. Every time a person is strapped for cash and in need of urgent cash, the issue of whether a person has good or bad credit rating rears its ugly head. For long, individuals with a poor credit rating had a few options when it came to getting access to credit.

This however became a thing of the past with the introduction and subsequent popularity of logbook loans a couple of years ago. In fact, our decision to offer logbook loans to our customers a little over a decade ago was informed by our desire to change the plight of UK individuals with a poor credit and give them access to affordable logbook loans.

From inception, Wefcpug Loans has been at the forefront of offering not only affordable logbook loans but also ensuring that our clients have a deeper understanding of how a logbook loan impacts their lives. We strongly hold the opinion that no single UK citizen should be denied access to cash when they badly need it simply because their credit score is in doldrums. We hold the belief that each and every UK citizen has the right to get access to credit the state of their credit score notwithstanding.

When we set out to offer affordable logbook loans, our key aim was to empower and bring about a change in the lives of UK citizens with a low credit score. It is for this reason that we have continued to grow tremendously in so far as provision of logbook loans is concerned.

What makes us distinct?

Well, at Wefcpug Loans, our main focus is in offering affordable logbook loans to our customers irrespective of the state of their credit score. We believe that any bonafide UK citizen who owns a car should be able to leverage it as collateral and get access to the cash that they badly need as and when they need. We have been tried, tested and can say without any fear of contradiction that we’ve lived up to the expectations of our customers.

Our emphasis on affordable logbook loans and genuine care about the plight of our customers with a poor credit rating is one of the things that make us distinct and give us a competitive edge over our competitors. We’ve collaborated with some of the big names in the industry such as to ensure that you get affordable logbook loans any time any day.

Why should you choose us?

For one, we ascribe to the highest levels of professional ethical conduct when dealing with our customers. Secondly, we understand your plight, the challenges you face on a daily basis and are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that you get affordable logbook loans as and when you need it. Thirdly, our highly trained customer personnel understand the essence of customer service, provision of professional customer advice and ensure that customer satisfaction is not compromised at all. Last but not least, we have assisted thousands of UK citizens get approved for a V5 loan and therefore you can be rest assured that your application will be considered within the shortest period of time.

Apply today!

At Wefcpug Loans, we encourage you to approach us today and apply for a logbook loan with us. Apart from affordability of our V5 loans, we have put in place measures to ensure that applications are reviewed and approved within 24 hours. Our customer personnel are top notch, ascribe to the principles of total quality management and ensure that you understand everything there is to know regarding logbook loans prior to making an application!